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ok. tell you i tell you all that's and i say no it's not it's not long enough for the. law. that is putting you on the person. so long so what you're seeing needs to happen in the us before they're ready to sort of compete at the very very big stage well you need basically from the development side here a generation growing through the range that it's all on the level of a christian pull this it's all right now you see the play oh for us but you need ten fifteen maltose you have to go and put a marker in your bowl ok i'll finish you can finish it put more pressure on me.
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oh you missed it you missed it. i missed it as well stop stop stop. well it's on me. i'm. all very conservative very conservative. oh oh that's that's in a sense. that's a. no you only managed to do it. but i need to leave you having one you know finally ask. the right. you had that on tape probably never ever believed that on tape.
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back for example to be nice. for public.
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hyperinflationary dilute is let me interest on the debt is greater then your taxes taxable base then you have to throw down. all pretenses of quantitative easing and
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just admit you're monetizing debt that's a bank is just printing and buying back its sound that it delivers then you get into what's called a banana republic named after countries that want america to put their in the but out of as us to end up doing this monetization of their own debt and have collapsed their currency venezuela argentina come to life this is the album to be contagious and going into america. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful for the protest to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just blowing it up to a premium list with video it really in the new bill is that i knew splendid of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty forty and. those who took out that invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure
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a secure and prosperous and democratic. since the start of the world cup russian sports commentators have put cruelly sure on their list of teams capable of winning and russians love to root for the underdog but will have sympathy for a rival impact on russia's quarterfinal time with croatia. being.
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thing. or another guy making love does not matter. really do you look so good when someone you can see has been the theme of the ice. because you're in the form of the view. almost humorous with their baby bottles in the most and people many people for them to spoil my world. they will start to get . you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we
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need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. what this place or does this place mean to the locals. so lakes represents tons of the local community but really the whole southern california soccer community we're centrally located to almost every major use club where it's within . an hour's drive to get here and i think it represents change and an emphasis on
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putting a lot of time energy resources into having great fields having easy access for the families that. watch their kids play and really a place where we hold coaching education we hold camps when we've hosted a national camp here so it's really i think you're going to what i always say this is really everybody's in place in place that you know people have ideas on more stuff that we could do to make it better but we want this to be you know the center of all of soccer here in southern california where would you say that that the u.s. in terms of supply chain into m.l.s. and then ultimately into the u.s. national team football in this country has definitely grown. you know it's more visible you see a play and when you go out to dinner you know there's more leagues there's more players playing in certain parts of the country we have the talent we have athletes
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here you know and a lot of areas the game is growing but it does feel like more things have to come together you know we could be more guys on a national platform you know there's just a lot of different leagues there's a lot of different things going on so where in terms of developing the game in the u.s. why do you would you put the standard of of coaching and. with europe over the still a lot of. grounds from a go you know i think we i think we all have room to grow and i think you know there's definitely a lot more i think we're definite taken more seriously than we ever have because we need to and. it's you know from when i started getting my license on now you know it went from like a one week course now it's three different times you fly in you have interactive for the whole year with your director. webinars and reports and you know it's a lot of work. i think that definitely the initiative is out there to improve our
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coaching but you have a privately owned coaching education we do in turn our club doesn't turn all coaches education so we bring our speakers we bring out. different people that have had different experiences to you know open up ideas for our coaching staff so internally as a club that's been a huge initiative for us. let's begin with that the u.s. not being in the world cup but. what the the consequence of that is for for us used to the football obviously people were disappointed you know and in the us it's another opportunity you know to see our players in a world cup competition you know test and see where our youth team players were so it was a disappointment it's also sort of a chance to re-evaluate you know since we didn't make it so i think we're going to use that as sort of a wake up call to maybe some of the things that weren't going as well as we'd like
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but it is disappointing as we would love to see our our national team there and where those so it's taking that. well i mean we have a job here in our own academy to develop players that can help the national team in the long run i mean it's a it's a ways off but you know we all have responsibilities so we'll start in l.a. trying to produce top players that can play for our professional team but also that can help the u.s. national team star objective is obviously the focus on the professionals and try to find the elite players who can play at that level we have kids from all over the world you know different cultures everyone here that are so soccer mad and crazy that you know they would love to just focus on soccer if they knew they could make a living out of the now we're not the first club but i'm alas it's really making an effort how is he the head in the system that you're building for this club work and well the kids are coming to us every day after school so training is in the evening so they can still you know do their education during the day our are kids. very
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young right now we have under twelve under thirteen and fourteen so mostly middle school not even high school age and kind of far from college age so we train them in the evening you know they still fall out of their normal education here to a certain degree but we train them four nights a week here at the university and how do you play is one of the best things we've been able to do because we have support from our ownership as we hired scouts we have five scouts all over los angeles and southern california a week in and week out to tell you've been you've been involved in football all of your life how do you see soccer progressing in the u.s. well i mean again i think you've seen over the years how many more kids are playing you know from the very youngest ages but the league that i played and you know we played in these massive football stadiums and i played for what was the last xmas renesmee close and johan cruyff was here at the time and there's a lot of excitement but there weren't as many kids playing at the younger ages so you really didn't have a chance to develop the numbers and the fact that now there's so much more support for it and then you have a national body and u.s.
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soccer normal last all thinking about how to develop players the amount of kids that are playing you know again you know the continued growth of our country people from different parts of the world bringing that love to the u.s. you know there's just so much more interest and some more people playing. my favorite full of transported the whole world helicopters and today it's a special treat for me because the pilot is none other than mr klinsmann that was a bit of a if you know a turn up for the fans that you fly helicopters how did that come about oh i seven eight years ago i said child i always wanted to be a pilot but then became. a football player and then afterwards you know i always had that thought well he should go back and just give it a shot so seven eight years ago i walked into this school it's called history at john wayne airport in orange county southern california and they taught me how to fly and now we're going. what are we going to do what was he going to go all what it'll trip. but on the beach was to long beach. and flying over the queen mary.
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and then i'm going to take you up to this stops in about in no state just galaxy plate and stop out from there. and then i take you up to the coliseum where there's a new soccer stadium from the l a f c it's called bank off california stadium mutable from there we go to as you know i played in one scene eighty four that was the olympic stadium just the way i think a couple years after that we traveled with day one took the plate they had to against mexico school it was awful and then they'd be of them we flew back to book one but we're going to go and see the hollywood sign we got to go at the end to see the hollywood sign they made a very special trip for you know times that. it's
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after all see i played golf. not right now but i learned how to not that i'm not out of the brotherly love that i'm not out of the mind of the money that eliminated out of germany. this was a good time to. try to move there i don't know mom. little bit of little money. why not. stop for x. chanting in the old people we believe just
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a little bit here. a little of my kids i don't want them up a son john even a lot of them on. helped out a mother how do it all the kids are there a lot a lot of them i'm a little like a model don't let a lot of people who don't want to put out a lot and was hurting without all the mother blood it. just. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like colored orange happy each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need
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to remember is one one business show you can afford to miss the one and only boom but. they gave us national camera. roughly once they showed some will pay you for them. to. shoot your own cool videos during the woke up and sell them with the broccoli string at. line down more on string i don't roughly don't t.v. play. pattern. right we're all set to start in five yes the studio has a signal to. the songwriter to talk about playing just minutes right after the mars explorers one knew it would have their. own
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record. to sing. well the. old palace. welcome to sophie and co-ops to the shevardnadze and today will got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. good luck little. field.
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a major incident involving an unknown substance british counter-terror police are investigating how two people became critically gild several kilometers from where a former russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned also to come this hour the first knockout stages over the fee for world cup with the quarterfinals now set to kick off on friday and it's us independence day just how proud are americans to be american a new survey suggests for many patriotism could be losing its sparkle. its still separated now instead of being united i mean that the other category i'm extremely proud.
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logan even welcome you watching r.t. international where it's just gone nine o'clock here in the russian capital and our top story this hour police counter-terror police are investigating what's been declared a major incident after two people were rushed to hospital following their possible exposure to an unknown substance the pair who are in a critical condition took ill ten kilometers from where the former russian double agent. and his daughter with poisoned exactly four months ago. as more details. there is an intense amount of public interest in this developing story and i think police have come out and just tried to allay the concerns of locals in the area and to kind of just clarify a bit more information they've said that the individuals that were taken ill on saturday are forty four year old woman and a forty four year old man they also mentioned that they cordoned off parts of the town of souls pray and amesbury as well that village where the couple were
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initially taken ill and it's not clear just yet they say if it's a criminal investigation in fact there are more questions than answers for the moment really we also heard a little bit earlier on from sky source is saying that blood samples from the past have been sent off to porton down now you would have heard of porton down in relation to this script poisoning because that is the lab the government lab that's just ten miles away from amesbury that identified the substance used against the script files as military grade of agent and in another sign that this could be a very serious incident we've also heard from london's metropolitan police that counter-terror unit is now helping police with the investigation given the recent events and so was gri officers from the counterterrorism network working jointly
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with colleagues from police regarding the incident in amesbury as police have stated they are keeping an open mind as to the circumstances surrounding the incident and we'll update the public as soon as regularly as possible. just like you heard in that police statement that there are real similarities between these two cases at least from where. this involves two individuals they've become critically ill not far from seoul's very they've been taken to so is pretty district hospital that's the same place where gay and script. we're treated and also for a suspected exposure to an unknown substance and just like in the case of the script powers you've got bits of the town and the village where they were found being cordoned off in order to potentially protect the public from some sort of potentially hazardous material offices obviously trying to be as safe as possible perhaps being overcautious but understandably all of this is
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a source of alarm for the locals and i think that's why we've had the police come out and give this statement they said that public health england have said that they don't believe there to be a significant risk to anyone other than these two individuals who are in hospital in a critical condition at the moment but that assessment is constantly being reviewed so the story is gathering pace and the mystery is intensifying as the similarities between this new case in amesbury and the script poisoning become more apparent. now the world cup is down to the last eight countries and colombians hearts were broken yesterday but it was jubilation that england and sweden hawkins's all the angles covered for us in some petersburg. thanks.
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wherever you're watching us today welcome to russia's historic north of the capital of the all can see what beside the habitants museum how the square dripping in the streets. today it's all of course about the nerve jangling knockout stage has now wrapped up we know that eight teams now set to play in the world cup quarterfinals go head to head with france brazil face belgium on friday that should be a goal first on saturday all eyes here of course are going to host russia and their clash with getting to of course sweden england also the same day now the england colombia encounter in moscow wrapped up the knockout stage last night it really did have everyone has their seat so myself who did four three two or three lives in a dramatic penalty shoot out. be with you how
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i be with when i. be with will be when i. i i am. who i emotional game we played well i'm lucky to see the welshman. but we carried on you know we stuck together and i was a motion for fame so. it's always difficult with emotions highs and lows so just
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proud of that city and proud of each other and proud. because we made a great effort well now it's time to raise our heads and prepare for a watch next but you know it's painful we did all we could for columbia as being in caps and marikina sign and a whole range of emotions jubilation folding and files thing with violet mounties in to break the penalty cuz we just want it now for several full months and of course heartbreak for colombia who gave it their all but it wasn't quite enough punit just renia was so much in the game industry is the colombian players they gave everything for a longer term thing or they should be really exhausted after. such an intense match there should be more from our point of view because the motions were in the game by dana point of view the most important thing is to compete in the quarterfinals great job and people. even control
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calls on the quality of the team you feel you should follow along that forming anything you are not for all that they. can be changed the truth of the competition so if you're going to read. and heading for the finals there wiener russia korea share say that in grandparents' golden chance to be in the world cup final all eyes of course on england captain harry came football's hottest property right now the best striker at least according to many he scored that crucial penalty that was always a tension knowing it might just blow it all but not goal number six for our bush team to the top of the right. for the golden boot of the world cups on the score they will find the right to do. victory last night as you might expect scenes of relief and of course you'll see but i should.
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i i now as things heat up here in russia the intrigue only gets deeper pundit jersey marina's taking a break from his crystal ball predicts it will most football results most of all the talk so far to go and be young budding football stars of the future is that record. yes i would think it was the exact same place philip martin the. question is. do not sneer too near do not slip enough years and most of all right but. perhaps one of the least. or so on. my leave him a command that much mr knightley be meting of others and already winning a chilly continue during all chelsea rushes tonight one zero needed to through and
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this is a more lenient. option social mores style so commanding he or she just disappear and there when you. talk to cure the truth truthfully i have a job in the conscious moving you're the first move. ok so i was told that you are the good talent. that you are the kids with with good potential so i come to give you a look at your coach's ear i just say outside i'm looking at you and with all my attention but don't feel any pressure just feel happy and and free ok he will. go.


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